Thoughts on Thursday {Read today, apply tomorrow}

I wanted to write a post about  all the crazyness surrounding Black Friday turning into Black Thursday but then I read this post by a friend of mine on Facebook and you know what, I can’t say it any better. Thanks Derek!


I have to get something off my chest before all of the “Black Friday” posts start flooding our feeds..

I think it’s absolutely absurd that any retail company be open on Thanksgiving Day. To exploit a National Holiday just for the sake of money is the perfect example of why our country is failing and heading the wrong direction.. To me it’s not very “American” to spend the day finding the best deals on material items. Call me old fashioned, but I just can’t understand (nor will I ever) why people want to shop on a holiday. For God’s sake what’s next, Christmas Day Sales?!

I urge, no I BEG you to not shop at on Thanksgiving because this is really a time for family and friends! Be thankful for what isn’t replaceable and cherish the time we all have.

With that said, I wish everyone safe travels this week and a Happy Thanksgiving!



A new adventure!

Over the last few years I’m sure you all have noticed that this blog has taken a slight shift in its focus. I still talk about my family, faith and Thoughts on Thursday hasn’t changed much but its no longer with a strong ‘green’ focus. That’s not because I’ve stopped being green its just 2nd nature to me now and I don’t talk about it so much.

I have however made a shift to talking more about simplicity (which is green) fitness, clean eating and health in general. I’ve been encouraging you and all of my local friends to get out and run, eat cleaner and live more simply.

With this change in focus I’ve decided to make a few changes to my blog that you will notice over the next few weeks.

I’ve also decided to become a Beachbody coach! I realize this is kind of a un ceremonious announcement but I don’t feel the need to explain myself here. You guys can see my heart, you know that I genuinely want to see the world become a happier, healthier place

Why am I announcing this now? Well the answer is simple, Black Friday is coming up and there are going to be some amazing deals that I’m going to share with you. I simply didn’t want to catch you off guard.

Come back tomorrow to find out what a Beachbody coach is.


Thoughts on Thursday {Life isn’t perfect}

Sometimes (ahem most of the time) life isn’t perfect, but some times its just a plain mess. Thanksgiving is 7 days away and I have no idea where we will be for the holiday. I’ve been sick since Sunday and my 2 girls who just started sleeping for decent amounts of time started rotating wake up times and waking me up about every 1.5 hrs. Its been a rough start to the week. Life isn’t perfect.

The house I worked so hard to get and keep clean last week is a wreck because feeding the family has been my only priority so far this week. With the current program I’m on I work out 6 day a week my only break is Fridays (I love it by the way more on that later) well I skipped my Monday workout and gave my Tuesday work out about 60%. I’m not perfect.

In the past, all of these things would have made me crazy. Right now however I’m at a point where I finally realize that life isn’t perfect and neither am I. Life isn’t perfect right now because I’m putting my family and my health in front of everything else and you know what? That is exactly how I want it.


Winter running is starting early this year.

A little over a week ago we had our first snow fall and that changes everything, when I run, how far I run,  and what I wear. I thought I would gather some of the information I’ve shared in the past and upadte it a little.

Lets start with a PSA:


This is a major safety concern for runners and a possible lawsuit for you (although I have my own opinions on that.) so just clean them off ok? Want a little more information on why? Check out my PSA post from Febuary.


  • Wear the right stuff: Thermal tights, wool socks, sweat shirt or insulated running jackets, gloves, head band and a face mask if necessary. Layers are great and make sure your base layer is wicking. Also a zippered top layer is wonderful for ventilation.
  • Stretch well before running (dynamic stretches not static leave those for after your run.)
  • Start slow, then build your speed as your muscles warm up (hey this is a great way to do negative splits!)
  • Be seen, if its getting dark make sure to have a few bright and reflective clothing items on. It might be light when you start your run but dark when you get home. Best to be prepared. I like to have one on each level 1 above the waist and 1 below. Plus if I’m running with the dog one on his level.
  • Sunglasses help, have a lightly tinted pair to keep the cold air out of your eyes.

Do you have any winter running tips for me?

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NOvember 2014 check in #1

So how is it going out there?

What are you all saying no to this month?

As you can see I had 2 tings I was saying no to this month and I will say they have both been tough.

No bad attitudes-I’m the type of person who tends to let one little thing ruin my whole day. This month however I’m focusing on dealing with whatever that thing is and moving on with my life. This hasn’t been easy. I have an adorable 1 year old who is frustrated and whiny, she knows what she wants but is still having a hard time communicating it to us even with her knowledge of sign language. This leads to a lot of whining….I also have a sweet little 2 month old, who I believe is going through her first growth spurt….she is either hungry or in need of her pacifier at all times, don’t let that thing fall out or she will show you how good her lungs are ;)

These 2 things alone could ruin my night…let alone all of the other normal everyday annoyances but I haven’t let it. I’ve had bad moments, I even had a bad night but that’s where it ended. I took a moment some times with the help of my husband when it got really bad. To re evaluate and realize that I’m right where I want to be and I’m so lucky to be here. Basically this NOvember thing inspired my Just a Mom post.

No fun money spent on fancy coffee- Hubby and I have a pretty loose budget really, but we do have a budget and one of the things that comes out of our fun money is our fancy coffee. This challenge was really for 3 reasons. 1. To save money for 2015 races 2. To cut back on my sugar intake 3. To test and see if baby GB was sensitive to caffeine. I’m surprised at how hard this has been…I think I’m addicted to my fru fru drinks and I’ve convinced myself I deserve them. All the e-mails for 2 for 1 and yummy holiday flavors aren’t helping… I might have to unsubscribe to those e-mails…. Anyway so far its going well I haven’t had a fancy coffee since I started the challenge so that has done well for 1 and 2 and 3 is still yet to be determined, I stopped having caffeine all together on Tuesday.

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