Thoughts on Thursday {Turns out I’m a stress shopper}

So in the last few weeks I’ve come up with a list of needs….weird they weren’t things I needed a month ago and my life situation really hasn’t changed….so why all the sudden do I need these things? Turns out I’m a stress shopper…and I can justify things pretty easily.
This round was bags and thankfully I only bought on and it was with the hubbys blessing. I’m not sure I really talked myself out of the other bag I was going to buy though, more like I got lucky. I delayed long enough looking for a deal that my friend finally said “don’t buy it that was going to be my gift for baby #2.”
I did however make an impulse buy of a new baby carrier that was on SUPER sale…I love the design I have been looking at it for a while but I’ve never purchased it because it is basically a slightly different version of our Ergo. Oops! Well when it gets here hubby and I will check it out see if it will get used and if not I got such a good deal I should be able to sell it at a small profit so it will work out.


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Blah blab blah, the point is why is my stress ‘reliever’ something that will just cause more stress ($$/adding to clutter?) I’m not sure it always is my outlet, I think when I’m able running is most of the time but right now that’s no longer an option.

For now I’m not going to beat myself up, I recognize it and hopefully next time I can catch it sooner. I didn’t blow the budget and I didn’t buy anything outrageous so it will all work out.

Do you have a stress relieving habit that just causes more stress?

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10 Minutes a day Check In

Well it worked, I’m starting to crave these 10 minutes each night, in fact I’m already craving more! For those of you who missed it 2 weeks ago I decided I was going to focus on reading the book ” Real Moms…Real Jesus” by Jill Savage for just 10 min a day.

This book  is great, however I’m starting to realize its more of an non-fiction advice book for Mom’s not the Bible Study/Mom book I was hoping for. It has wonderful advice and practical ways to implement the advice given but no actual Bible study, just references here and there and prompts to read a chapter or two every once in a while.

However some of the points they are making seem like a bit of a stretch to me. The last chapter I read was about creating boundaries in life, saying no and not overstretching yourself. There was great advice as to how to go about this but the way she made it a Biblical principal was a bit far fetched for me. She referenced the story of Jesus in the temple flipping tables and throwing out the merchants (Matt 21:12-17) as an example of creating boundaries in life and how Jesus did this. She did use other examples, but this was the one she went most in depth on and in my opinion it was the most far reaching.

Moments like this make me want to dive deeper into the word and actually study what it has to say.

That being said, its a great book. The timing of it in my life is  perfect (big surprise there huh God?) and it is exactly what I need to be hearing right now. I know at a surface level that none of the things I’m experiencing or thinking are anything new. I know that most Mom’s have thought or experienced the same things and emotions, but its great to have validation. To be told that this is perfectly normal and that its ok is great to hear.  I’ve been getting these reminders from all sides lately my mom, another blogger (read this post on letting the laundry pile up) and this book. Guess this is a lesson I need to learn huh?

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Just keeping it together

So I’m not sure what to write about these days, I’m not really doing anything new and super green…in fact I’ve probably slacked in that area. I’m not super active or training for a race. Right now I’m just focsing on keeping it all together.

My entire life right now is Apple, Work, Apple, Clean, Apple, Photo Editing, Bed. You see Mac is working an evening shift these days and that puts me on full time Apple duty, if I’m home I have her. Having Apple isn’t a problem, she is such a good girl. However add that to 33 weeks pregnant, lack of sleep, a few minor medical things (that have nothing to do with the pregnancy but could impact delivery) a lack of running and I’m just barely holding on to my sanity.

I love to keep things happy and such on here, and don’t let this post fool you, over all I’m still a pretty happy lady, just tired, and wondering how I’m going to survive the next 7 weeks. However this blog is also about real life and right now, real life is not ideal.

I am keeping it together though, just barley. We are eating, the house isn’t rotting from lack of cleaning and I’ve yet to show up late to work. Apple knows she is loved and gets plenty of spoiling but I’m drained. Not to be a whiner but there is no me time…none, at a time in my life when I really need it and that is probably hardest of all.

I’m just focusing on today, that is all I really can do right? Eating healthy today, getting to bed on time today, tomorrow will worry about itself.

Thoughts on Thursday {Living to be offended}


I’ve noticed a shift in our thinking, our being a very general word obviously. Instead of assuming the best intent.  Since when are we all living to be offended, looking for the next person we can sue and assuming that everyone is out to get us?

I actually have a few examples in mind but I don’t want to spark a debate on here, that isn’t the point of this. The point is when did this change. When did we start assuming the worst in people? Is this something we are being taught or is it being learned by experience? Either way is sad in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Post Baby training starts now.

Last week I was looking through some pictures and I got excited. Prior to finding out I was pregnant with #2 training was going really well and I seemed to be bouncing back pretty quickly. I set a PR in a race I’ve run 3 years in a row and was looking pretty good. That got me excited to start training again. Don’t worry I’m well aware it will be different this time, 2nd pregnancy, 2 kiddos to juggle, all of that will be a new challenge for sure.

Myself dressed up as Alice with baby Apple as the white rabbit for the Monstar Dash 5k

2.5 Months post baby


Never the less it got me thinking….why not start now? I’ve spent a lot of this pregnancy using it as an excuse…caffeine, sugar, fast food….yeah. I say all of that and it sounds horrible but I know in the end I’m not that bad. However with all the knowledge I have about how these things affect your body let alone a little one there is no excuse.

 So I’m cutting back, cutting back on my excuses, I don’t need sugar, I don’t need that coffee every morning and I certainly don’t need fast food….really ever, with a little prep there is always options. Focusing on these habits now will not only help me break them earlier, but help with the bounce back after baby. Making sure when I start running again my body is ready for it not worn down from all the junk.

It’s amazing to me how a little perspective can change things, viewing this as a training choice not a convenience choice has made all the difference in my brain over the last few days.


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