Post Baby training starts now.

Last week I was looking through some pictures and I got excited. Prior to finding out I was pregnant with #2 training was going really well and I seemed to be bouncing back pretty quickly. I set a PR in a race I’ve run 3 years in a row and was looking pretty good. That got me excited to start training again. Don’t worry I’m well aware it will be different this time, 2nd pregnancy, 2 kiddos to juggle, all of that will be a new challenge for sure.

Myself dressed up as Alice with baby Apple as the white rabbit for the Monstar Dash 5k

2.5 Months post baby


Never the less it got me thinking….why not start now? I’ve spent a lot of this pregnancy using it as an excuse…caffeine, sugar, fast food….yeah. I say all of that and it sounds horrible but I know in the end I’m not that bad. However with all the knowledge I have about how these things affect your body let alone a little one there is no excuse.

 So I’m cutting back, cutting back on my excuses, I don’t need sugar, I don’t need that coffee every morning and I certainly don’t need fast food….really ever, with a little prep there is always options. Focusing on these habits now will not only help me break them earlier, but help with the bounce back after baby. Making sure when I start running again my body is ready for it not worn down from all the junk.

It’s amazing to me how a little perspective can change things, viewing this as a training choice not a convenience choice has made all the difference in my brain over the last few days.


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Thoughts on Thursday {Since when is illegal ok?}

Since when is it ok to break the law? When did we start teaching our kids that it was ok to disrespect police officers and those in authority because a law is outdated or maybe even down right wrong.


In my humble opinion a law is still a law and we need to follow it until its changed. We need to respect those with the job to enforce them and we don’t’ get to call them the bad guys for enforcing laws they don’t control either.

We need to teach our kids that if we disagree with something there are proper channels and respectful ways to go about getting them changed but just ignoring a law is not the answer.

Lets take an ‘easy one’ in my mind. Marijuana in most cities/states it is still illegal. Now some can and do contest that when use properly it is safer than alcohol and tobacco and more effective than many of the medicines commercially available. I will be honest here and say I don’t know if that is true or not. I do know however here in the great state of MN its illegal, which means no matter what I think, don’t do it. It means you can’t get mad when you get a ticket for drug possession, no matter the reason why you have it. Yes, even if your crazy sick and in pain, yes we dealt with that option when Mark was sick and the answer was a simple no.

What do you think?

Just 10 Min a day.

My faith is one of the most important things in my life, its gotten me though a few tough school years, cancer, death of a spouse, a anxiety driven {almost} meltdown, re-marriage and our 1st (and soon 2nd) child.

However if you look at where my time is spent I’m not sure it fully reflects this priority.  Not without lack of trying though, my Mom gave be a great book, (Jesus Calling) that is perfect little 1 paragraph thoughts of the day and that is great, however I’m looking for something a little deeper.  I mean it when I say a deeper,  I have a great desire to do an in depth study of various parts of the Bible but right now while I have no daily habit established I know that will become overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to start with a book “Real Moms…Real Jesus.” By Jill Savage.  I’m not ready to review it yet (only a few chapters in) but can it tell you, so far its said a lot of things I need to hear RIGHT NOW. Things friends and family have been telling me but for some reason its different reading it. Things like:


  • never getting time alone
  • high demands
  • lack of sleep
  • disappointment

Which happen to be 4 of the 5 bullet points in the books description….hummm.

So what am I doing about it? Setting my phone timer for 10 min when I get in bed, 10 min of reading EVERY NIGHT. Hopefully this will lead to me desiring and making more time for deeper study. But you have to start somewhere. I figure even on my late nights, those nights I should have gone to bed much earlier, at that point I’m late what is 10 min going to do?

 Just 10 min…I did it last night….in the system of baby steps I’m just focused on this week, then maybe a month. But for now one day at a time.

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A baby check in.

Its been a while since I’ve done any baby updates over here so I thought I would link up to a few posts on my other blog you all might be interested in.

28 week bumpdate for Gummy Bear

She…he? Has a strong heartbeat and is still treating mommy well.

I’m feeling great pregnancy wise and still running quite a bit.

PS I’m 30 weeks now ;)


When your milk runs out {An emotional Journey}

Since discovering our 2nd pregnancy my milk supply has drasticly reduced,

this has been hard on me to say the least.


We made it! {Just barely breastfeeding till 1 year}

With a lot of work pumping and some goats milk we just made it to one year. 


Gifts for baby #2

I’ve had some friends ask me what to get for baby #2…the answer is nothing but they are pushy so here is my list.

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5 Years and Counting.

5 Years ago I didn’t know that :

  • My marriage would start with me having a minor nervous breakdown and my brand new husband helping me navigate through all the emotions that finally came crashing through after Marks death. Mac was amazing, and while I still (and always will) feel the affects of losing a husband Mac has always been there to support me.
  • This marriage would involve traveling the US as a paintball photographer, getting published in a paintball magazine and becoming hooked to a sport I barely knew existed. Now I can’t imagine my world without it and I can’t wait to get back in to it after baby #2.
  • I would have such an ‘easy’ time getting pregnant after all of my previous struggles. Apple has been such a blessing to us, sure some days are hard but Mac and I have really learned how to communicate and work together in this last year.
  • I didn’t know I still had so much to learn about myself, I thought all the struggles Mark and I had together helped me learn ‘everything about myself.’ Boy was I wrong. Learning about yourself however, really helps a marriage. Being able to explain to Mac WHY has been a big help to our relationship.
  • I didn’t know I could love again like this, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with Mac.  The last 5 years haven’t always been smooth, but they have been amazing. I’ve learned that everyone has their story and that just makes our love stronger, harder at times sure, but mostly stronger. We both know bad things happen, we understand that marriage can be hard and we came into this marriage with that understanding.  It sounds strange but it was a blessing to come in to this marriage and skip the ‘honeymoon stage.’ We dug right into life and have come out ahead.


Mac, its been an exciting 5 years, and our next 5 will be entirely different. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next. Love you!



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