Compression Socks for a Cause

Last April I got my first pair of compression socks, I got them for the purpose of running while pregnant however I’ve worn them for so much more, regular run recovery, flying, long drives, and more. Every month they have a discounted sock but this month a portion of each sale will go to 2 great charities Team in Training or Train 4 Autism.  Here is the info:
* All Purple and Powder Blue Products 40% off
* A portion of each sale donated to Team in Training or Train 4 Autism
* Enter coupon code SOM4 at checkout
* Coupon is also valid for our new Red, White and Blue Stripe Marathon “Tube Sock.”
Want your own pair just head on over to Pro Compression and snatch them up!

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Its a thin green line.

In our house we have a thin green line we tightrope on. We are constantly finding our comfort level of being ‘crunchy.’  It’s one of those things we have NO problems with our friends either way, its all about personal comfort.  I would say for the most pert we are the most zealous of our friends in how far we are willing to go.  However we are quickly finding more and more things that we know are bad or unhealthy but need to choose weather or not we are going to take the step to eliminate it from our lives.

 For example eating out, we know that 90% of restaurants don’t care about the quality, sustainability, additives or chemicals used in/around their food, BUT we still go out to eat and not only at the 10% of the restaurants we know care about these things.  HOWEVER have you ever noticed that the more you do something the easier it is to do next time? Its a slippery slope…. last week we went out 3 times! Since we aren’t traveling, that is 2 times to many.

We have already decided that recycling, eating healthy at home, cloth diapers, essential oils and green cleaning products are the way to go for us. However we are being presented with new questions everyday, organic vs non, exposure to chemicals (in a pool for example) vs staying home, heck something as simple as using the Clorox wipes at work to clean my work station when I leave (we share stations) vs not cleaning or going out of my way for a vinegar/water solution.

The current dilemma was the pool, Apple LOVES the water and I wanted to get her into swim lessons as soon as possible, however public pools mean chlorine, something we have 100% eliminated from our home.  We decided to go ahead with lessons but to take a few extra steps:

  •  Rinse before hand to help keep chlorine from leaching into the hair
  •  Showering immediately afterward
  • Uusing some essential oils to help draw the chemicals out of the body as fast and safely as possible. (Remember babies can’t handle the strong levels of detoxing adults and older children can so don’t over do it.)

I’m still doing some research but for now I think we will just be doing a few drops of Purification in a pure lotion and rub it on after the lesson.

There are going to be many more decisions like this in the future, the decisions between health and fun will be the hardest but I think both Mac and I are on the same page, a little fun never hurt anyone.  I’m actually a little jealous of my friends who say their kids haven’t had fast food or VERY RARELY eat added sugar but I just don’t think that is going to work for us. It’s a thin green line.

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Running for sanity

Keep calm and run on

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I love how calm I feel after a run. It honestly amazes me,  I don’t normally solve any of life’s problems, however I do seem to straighten out my brain and realize that it will all work out.

Lately when I run its about shutting down the voices in my head that keep spinning round and round. We have so much going on and I just can’t seem to keep on top of it.  When I’m running those voice slow and then eventually stop and I find myself just thinking about the run, I have the ability to focus on JUST ONE THING and that is amazing…no music, (at least not till I start logging longer runs) just me. I start to focus on my posture, my stride. The intervals I’m running and how far to the next walk. My goals for the 1/2 marathon and if its even possible and how many miles I need to increase per week to make it.

I’m hoping this single mindedness will spread to other areas of my life, I know it would help my life in general to able to focus on just one thing at a time.  Have you all noticed how your healthy habits affect you in ways other than health? Running not only helps me stay fit, but also sane. Eating healthy not only affects my ability to stay healthy and fight colds it also helps my focus and energy.

How have you seen your healthy habits positively affect your life?

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2014 race goals redone.

At first I ran to lose weight, then it became cathardic and lets face it I was addicted. I knew I would never be the fastest but I could always be faster, or run further.  I loved having a training plan and sticking with it.  Now however I’m running, simply to stay healthy both mentaly and physically. I’m not training to beat anyone, or enter the next level of race, I’m running to stay sain and hopefully complete the races I have already signed up for .

Instead of speed I’m looking for safe, I’m doing run/walk intervals (which kill me sometimes mentally) and increasing my distance by a 1/4 of a mile instead of mile increments. My goals have changed from beating old times to completing races and I’m OK with all of it, because I’m still running.  The baby and I are both healthy enough to run and nothing could make me happier.

On to my goals for the rest of the year, there are only 2 races left and I don’t for see adding anymore to this year.  Next up is the my  1/2 marathon in June, currently my goal is set low I will admit but I want to make sure its do-able and I’m not pushing myself too much.  Right now I want to run 1.5 miles and then walk .5 miles over the course of the 13.1 miles I will end up walking 3 of the miles (not bad for 6 months pregnant right?) But if I’m honest with myself I would like to run more than that maybe run 2 miles walk .5?

Then depending on when baby is born I hope to just participate in the Monster Dash, even if that means walking the whole thing.

For now I’m just building up mileage and testing the waters a bit. My last run was 2.25 miles and I ran .75 then walked .1 I’m trying to keep my pace reasonable, but I find myself pushing it for the last run interval….guess you can’t take the race out of the girl.

 Have you ever had to do a complete overhaul to your ‘life plans’? I know running to some of you doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you have been working as hard as I have it is. How did you cope with the 180?

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When sanity trumps green.

I will admit I’m quite proud of the green choices we make around our house. We recycle more than we trash, we cloth diaper, use re-usable water bottles when we are out and about, carry around our own bamboo silverware and use glass straws.

However there are other areas where we could be more green but for sanity’s sake we have decided against it. Mac uses plastic water bottles around the house…why I don’t quite understand to be honest, however  his water consumption increased drastically since this change so its a good thing. As long as he recycles the bottles I have no problem with it. I still use disposable female products (except the diva cup love that thing) why? Because for some reason I can handle washing diapers but not that…. I also still use a paper planner for my daily to do lists….I just like it better this way, I’m very tactile.

Sometimes for the sanity of the house the non-green option is the right option. Sometimes we need to take the ‘easy’ way (because isn’t that what these new fangled disposable ways are right?)  Back in the day “A woman’s place was in the home” because it had to be, there was no time for a 40 hour work week plus cooking from scratch (umm butchering the hen?) washing laundry by hand (let alone sewing the clothes) cleaning the house and taking care of the kids, just to name a few things. Then there was the invention of the sewing machine, factories, dish washers, clothes dryers, pre-packaged food and cars.  Wonderful amazing things that help our house survive.

As I’ve said before its all choices and we each have to decide what level of hippy-dom is right for us. I think our house is a pretty good middle of the road mix, and I’m happy that way.

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