Re-doing the kitchen piece by piece

We are thinking a move is in our future…but not for a few years. Until then we want to make sure we are redoing the things we can in our house so that when we do sell it, its more appealing to buyers. As an added bonus it will be more appealing to us in the meantime :)

We were in the process of making a plan when our faucet started leaking…no spraying out water and our cook top cracked :( Mission number one was the faucet, we still have 2 burners that work on the cook top, so it is 2nd on the list.


I’ve been searching sales and craigslist for a while and bam this last Friday I found the perfect faucet at less than 1/2 the price it would be in store. PLUS it came with a stainless steel sink!!

On top of that good luck my parents came in to town and my dad is great at this stuff so he helped us get it all installed. Oh and the garbage disposal connecter on the new/used sink just happened to match our disposal so we didn’t have to mess with removing that from the old sink! That turned out to be a very good thing because after my dad and hubby got everything hooked up the faucet wouldn’t turn off….umm thats not good. It took them another 1/2 hour of fiddling but they found out that at some point the handle had been messed with and put back together wrong. A few changes and we now have a new sink and faucet that would have cost us over $400 new but we only paid $80. Green and Cheap!


Honestly I think E-Bay and Craigslist are two of the best things to be invented for those who want to live more sustainably (ie buying used) and spend less money. You have to be smart in what you buy, make sure to take a good look at the product or buy from a reputable seller but over all I’ve had great experiences with both buying and selling through these avenues.


What was your best score on Craigslist or Ebay?



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Thoughts on Thursday {Life with 2 under 2}

{Written on Monday}

So yes this is my first day back to work after baby, but I know that isn’t the only time people have hormone fluctuations, but its my current situation…being a woman can suck sometimes.

Last night as I was getting ready for work I started crying…I was thinking about Mac’s first day home with 2 girls, wondering if I was letting Apple down with all the time I was pending with Gummy Bear, wondering if I could handle the customers with my current hormone fluctuations and wondering if I would ever have time to exercise again. Oh and did I mention I’m starting an accountability group with my friend/beach body coach? Yeah a lot on my plate all starting today…


I made it!

Not with out a little help from Starbucks, and a little temptation at work, but I got my workout done and even had some cute photo bombers in my after pic for the accountability group.


This was going to be a post about hormones, but it didn’t turn out to be one, really hormones were much less of a factor than I thought they were going to be. Which is a REALLY good thing because I’m a sign language interpreter and the last thing I need to do is project my emotions on the conversations I’m interpreting, that would be bad. Anyway instead of a post about hormones this post is about survival.

The fact is we survived week 1 and that was all we needed to do it had some bumps. 2 nights we didn’t even start making dinner till 6:30…way to late when your oldest goes to bed at 7:30. Tuesday my 25 min workout took at least 40 min after stopping to feed Gummy Bear and pausing multiple times to move Apple or replace a pacifier in the baby. However each night everything that needed to get done, did get done. Mouths were fed, the kitchen was cleaned, bags were packed for work and day care, and exercise was completed.

Best of all I realized that it was going to be possible, life with two children so close in age is possible! Oh course logically I knew this, plenty of people have had children close in age, but emotionally I was struggling. As much as we wanted a 2nd child I’ll admit the thought of them so close together was a struggle for us (more on that in a separate post.)





So today on my Friday I’m encouraged, I’m looking forward to next week not dreading it, but lets be honest I’m looking forward to the weekend more :)


Thoughts on Thursday {A sue happy nation}

Ok this is about as soap box as I get but it’s been on my mind for a while and I just can’t get past it….America, what happened? We are living to be offended, looking for the next thing we can sue for, trying to be discriminated against for the slightest thing.

This post may take on a silly edge but I assure you I’m not laughing I’m just trying not to point out any one specific group in order to not start a fire storm here. Oh forget it I have one specific example;  the guy who threw a fit about there being only 1 napkin in his meal and then turned it into a discrimination suit when the manager referred to him as ‘you people.’ Now I won’t pretend to know what specifically he meant by that phrase but there are many possibilities and the most logical to me isn’t a race its ‘the crazy group of customers who will fly off the handle about the smallest thing.’  I say this as a former fast food employee and one all to framiler with this segment of the population. Have we ever stopped to think that maybe we are looking to be offended? The pledge of allegiance doesn’t say under God because its forcing religion on anyone, it says that because back in the day the forefathers made their rules and governments based on the principals they had at that time, which happened to come from the Bible and well, God. Its not a religious statement its a historical fact. Growing up if there was a book being read at school that my parents didn’t want me reading they simply asked the teacher to give me another book (I scared easily) they didn’t force the whole class to change books. If there were restaurants or stores who sold products or dressed in a way we didn’t agree with we didn’t shop there, we didn’t sue them for ruining our children. I was raised fully aware that people had different opinions and views and that they wouldn’t always align with mine. When did this change?  In a move towards tolerance I think we have strayed a bit. I’m not saying we didn’t have problems in the 80′s and 90′s I’m just saying that back then if someone said they were being discriminated against for their ____ (race, religion, sex, sexual orientation) they probably were. These days by my best guess of the stories we see in the news (not real life the news which is COMPLETELY different than real life)  its a 50/50 chance of it being a story like the one above, someone searching to be wronged. How does this apply to me personally? Well I am a Christian, but I will not be lumped in to what the media has decided to portray Christians as (think crazy churches who protest everything that looks at them cross-eyed.) I have my beliefs and my values and I will live them out with out looking to be offended by those who don’t agree.

Silence in a noisy world. {The Devine Commodity}

I’m reading a new book “The Devine Commodity” by Skye Jethani. I’m only into the 2nd chapter but I’ve already found some great talking points. Here is the first one I came across that I wanted to share.

“One of the main problems is that in this chatty society, silence has become a very fearful thing. For most people, silence creates itchiness and nervousness” -Nouwen “As a result we’ve been conditioned to avoid silence at all cost less we be confronted with our own inner chaos. We manage to drown out the inner noise of our souls with the exterior noise of the world”-Skye’s commentary (Pg. 33-34)


While I realize this is most people these days, it really feels like this was written about me. I ALWAYS have something going on in the background, music, TV an audio, so does Mac. I will admit some of this is conscious distraction (when I run) but most of it is because I’m uncomfortable with silence. Why? Is there something wrong with silence? No, but a lot of people don’t like to get in their own heads and I’ve come to the conclusion in my own life that, that isn’t a good thing. How many time have I been asked my opinion, or asked why I have an opinion and not know the answer. Why do I get anxious about money things and have to be in control of them? Have I ever really taken the time to analyze that? No. Why not? Well I might have to address some things I don’t want to, and that is scary. That won’t happen if I keep my life noisy though.

When I run I purposefully distract myself so that I can ignore the little voice in my head saying, this is stupid just stop now. Am I missing the  voice that says, Hey lady your tensing up your shoulders knock it off  or ooh you calves hurt maybe you need to stretch them out after this run…am I risking injury? Yes.

So I’m taking baby steps to re-introduce silence into my life, starting with a run, 1 mile of silence then music. It went pretty well but I found my brain finding things to distract myself with anyway. Scouting out photo shoot locations for example, but I kept trying to reign it in and focus on my body and how it was feeling. My goal was simply not to injure myself as I start running again. Today I did another 2 mile run, with NO MUSIC. I increased my pace by 48 seconds per mile (I was pushing harder to be fair) but I was also paying attention. Yep my legs feel good I can keep going at this pace, ooh that is a headwind to worry if you slow down a bit, yikes my shoulders are up by my ears RELAX!

Now on to more serious matters…taking on my brain…maybe some silence in the car????

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Thoughts on Thursday {Thankful}

Fall is here….
Thanksgiving is coming…
I’m home for 6 weeks with my girls….
It all has me a bit reflective.

10 things I’m thankful for right now

1. God, enough said. 
2. My husband, man is he amazing. (Cooking, cleaning, helping with the girls supporting me in clean eating and showing me soo much love!
3. Two Children, there was a time I thought the ‘perfect family’ was an impossibility, God is bigger than me.
4. Local Family, they are amazing not only taking the girls when we need but tagging along to silly little things to support me and the girls. Come back next week for more on one of those silly little things, Apples first ‘race.’ 
5. Iowa Family, not only do they drive up here at the drop of a hat to meet Gummy Bear, but they cook clean and finish projects while they are in town. Then when we come down they make time in their busy schedule to come meet her with only a weeks notice.
6. Running, not only is it great exercise its an amazing stress reliever for me.
7.My friends, They aren’t just fun, they are there for me when I need and say the hard things that need to be said.
8. 6 Weeks off, I’m blessed enough to have a job with paid sick/vacation time and smart enough to have short term leave. Between those two things I was able to have the last 6 weeks off with Gummy Bear paid. 
9. Our house, not only are we lucky enough to be able to own a home, but I have had 3 terrible renting experiences so that makes it even better. 
10.  Great day care, Seriously you have no idea how great it is to drop off your child somewhere and leave without a worry. 

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