Why do we start smoking? {Rant}


Lets start with this, I don’t smoke and never have. In fact tobacco  smoke gives me an instant headache. However I do understand how VERY addictive it is and this post is not directed to anyone who already smokes. This is to those who don’t smoke already.

I don’t understand… I just can’t wrap my head around WHY people start smoaking. With all of the information out there about the side effects, addictiveness, and cost of smoking why do people try their first cigeratte? The number one reason I hear is peer pressure. I get that its hard to resist, what I don’t get is how did that person who is pressuring you get started? I also hear that its sooo stress relieving…really? Find a different way people!!!Exercise is a stress reliever and its healthy for you, or what about a creative outlet like painting or talking with a friend?

 A local gas station now gives a .20/gallon discount with tobacco, the coupon page it has two .10 coupons one .20  with any purchase and two .20 cent with tobacco purchase…..umm  WHAT? Now because I don’t smoke I only get one .20 cent coupon?

Doller General now sells cigeretts in over 11,000 locations, because it brings in sales.  I will admit I understand this from a business perspective but honestly why?

Smoking is bad for you period, there is no getting around that. So why would you even start?




Hummm….not craving candy? {Positive changes from eating healthy.}

I something interesting has happened in the last few days….my taste for sugar has gone away, in fact the other day I just stood in the candy aisle at the gas station and nothing sounded good.  I still want ice cream…but before I wanted ice cream, sugary coffee drinks, candy and peanut butter crunch all at once!  I did pretty good at resisting but still ate much more than I should have been….

Within the last few days that has changed, now I just want a treat here and there, either a shake  or a smoothie.  Yep specifically those two things I tried just one scoop of ice cream last night it didn’t work….anyway. I can only come up with two options and both make sense actually, hormones and healthier eating. Heathier eating however makes more sense because I’ve seen it happen before. The healthier I make my meals and snack choices, the more I crave healthy food. Hormone fluctuations with pregnancy is obviously a part of it too, I could just be ‘craving’ heathier foods, the fact that I still want ice cream (which really isn’t a favorite food of mine) makes me think that hormones are not the primary change.

This leads me to a conclusion that I believe applies to everyone, pregnant or not. Everything about our heath is mind over matter, at least at first. We have to push and pull ourselves to make the right/healthy decisions until they become habit. We will NEVER crave baked or grilled chicken if all we ever eat is KFC extra crispy, your body has no way of knowing that it functions better without that grease.

Exercise and what we eat are all choices, we have to make the decisions daily until your body recognizes and craves the change. I’m excited about eating better again, I know I and my babies will be much better for it….now if only eating healthy could counter act the sleepy hormones…


Thoughts on Thursday {Self Care is not selfish}




Monday I wrote about how refreshed I was feeling after taking some time for myself this past weekend….I guess I took my own advice when I wrote this post last week.


Self care isn’t just for Mom’s or care-givers, EVERYONE needs to practice self care to some degree, if all you do is give you simply won’t survive, at some time you will break….trust me, I did.

10 years ago I didn’t really believe in self care, I survived 4 years of cancer without any problems (however it could be argued I was getting some self care because Mark didn’t require much extra effort until the last few days of his life.) After his passing I got by, but I wasn’t doing anything truly focused on healing, I did attend a grief group but there was no connection with the other people in the group (the ciriculem was great, the group I was in, not so much) so a lot of it was talk and not a lot of change.

I continued on with life the way I always had, focused on pleasing others, and about 1 month before Mac and I’s wedding I fell apart. For several months I felt broken, anything and everything would make me cry, I missed several days of work because I just couldn’t bare to leave the house and I was just generally insecure.

After a bit I started with some therapy, went back on anti anxiety meds, and got my brain back on track but to this day I’m still ‘weaker’ than I want to be. This is one of those head vs. heart things. In my head I know being ‘weaker’ is a good thing because its forcing me to take care of myself, however my heart still desires to make everyone else happy.

So I’m trying, running is the easiest way of self care for me. It seems like even if I’m not trying my brain just processes through things while I’m running, my body gets the physical outlet it needs and my spirit is refilled. Even in the midst of the city the trails and nature comfort my soul. However I’m not running now, and I’m struggling. I’m focused on Apple and Mac and I’ve allowed myself to become dependant on caffeine a few days a week because of poor sleeping habits. I have the knowledge that this isn’t good but I can’t figure out how to solve it. Mac is working evenings so I can’t leave Apple with him and go rest, the house needs taken care of so I fell like there is no time for a break.

How do you practice self care when there is limited time?

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On a bike? You still have to follow traffic laws.

This post was written a while ago but I was waiting for  my cycleist friend to give me his opinion before I posted it. Well go figure between work (he is a landscaper) cycleing, and the rest of life he just dosen’t have the time right now. So here it is my un-expert opinion and all.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but in light of the recent public arrest of Alec Baldwin I figured now was as good of time as ever to bring it up.

On a Bike?

You still have to follow traffic  laws.


Yes you must stop for red lights, you must follow the direction of traffic, and you must yield on a yellow light. You do have rights as a cyclist vs vehicle however these rights only come if you are following the law. Now I won’t pretend to know if this is true in all states however the 3 I’ve lived in all agree to the above.

Now here is the kicker, if you break the law you can get a ticket or even arrested depending on the violation. So stay safe and follow the law.  Google search your state for its specific laws but if your in Minnesota I’ve done the leg (ahem finger) work for you http://www.dot.state.mn.us/bike/roadrules.html
This is where I wanted my expert to chime in and give you a  good Road Rules Basics however since he is un-available here is a list  from a North Carolina website. Some of the bullet points were worded….well strange, so I re-wrote them. However their explinations are great so if your interested check them out!
Basics of Bicycle Driving:
  1. Yield to traffic already on the road (first come, first served)
  2. Bike on the right side of the road (not aginst traffic.)
  3. Obay traffic signals
  4. Yield beforeturning
  5. At intersections stop on the side you will turn into.
  6. Speed positioning between intersections ( I don’t know how to say this better just read the explination)


These last few weeks have been hard, I’m in my 3rd trimester, exhausted, un able to exercise (which I do for physical and mental health reasons) and chasing around a 1 year old till her bed time as a ‘single parent’ after work because of unexpected events at the hubby’s work. 

I. Was. Done.

So with the encouragement of my husband I took action. Last week I left work 2 hours early went home without picking up Apple from daycare and laid in bed. I didn’t sleep the whole time, I played a game on my iPad, talked to Mac on the phone and figured out some things that had been spinning around with no resolve and then took a nap. THEN I went and picked up Apple from day care at the normal time.

That night it was clear I had more motivation, I didn’t have a full tank of energy but I did get more in that one night than I had all week. It was a start.

Then this weekend I went out of town to a Bible conference I’ve attended every year since I graduated high school. The drive was hard on my hips, and Apple slept terribly but the days were amazing. I spent time with my best friends doing nothing (the best thing to do) ate out (i.e. didn’t cook or do dishes) hung out with my parents, and best of all listened to God’s word being presented in some new and refreshing ways.

All of that left me feeling, well…better.

Last night we continued the trend of doing nothing and just sat on our bed played with Apple and watched paintball.

This morning I woke up refreshed. I was sure I wouldn’t want to leave since Mac was home (first Monday off in at least 3 weeks) but I was wrong. I was perfectly content leaving him at home to have a full day with Apple and to come home and have him there! Tomorrow we are even working on a date night!

I feel refreshed and I know it may not last long so I’m taking it all in, savoring every moment. Recording it all so the next time I get overwhelmed I can look back at this post and remember it will be good again.



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