Thoughts on Thrusday {Encouragment for Moms}

Sunday was hard…I won’t go into the details but a friend knowing I was having a rough day (after I left Church crying) sent me this:


Be encouraged friend. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. He is enough though. My sister-in-law told me when my babies were little, that quiet time and rejuvenation time with God may not look the same as it did before children. Sometimes it’s belting out a worship song in the car over the top of the children’s cries, sometimes it is a moment of peace when you fall asleep talking to Him on the couch while simultaneously feeding a baby, sometimes it’s a blog or a song that reminds you that what you are doing is such important work and even when you don’t feel like those tiny little people appreciate it, He sees. He’s proud. He knows. Rest in Him and be encouraged. He is an anchor for our souls.


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Things worth reading {Metabolism, Ebola, Halloween}

Here are a few articals/posts I read this week that I think are worth sharing.


Stop Eating Less and Exercising More – The Cook and The Coach Blog

Sure the basic concept of eating less and working out more makes sense, but there is more too it than that. Plus eating to little can HARM your weight loss journy. Read this artical for a great basic introduction to what all is involved in weight loss.  Here is a taste of what is involved “the quality of the food we eat, hormones, stress, the balance of macro nutrients that you eat and toxins in your body…to just name a few.”

Here is my favorite quote from the artical “You can lose weight really fast if you want to, the quickest way to lose 20 lbs would be cut your leg off. You could also starve yourself and lose a lot of weight really fast…it will consist of water, lean tissue, and some fat with the fat being one of the last things to go. Both of those are absurd and obviously not practical. “

Putting Ebola in America in Perspective – Huffington Post

 I’m NOT saying Ebola isn’t bad, I’m saying its been blown clear out of proportion. I also don’t think the advice being given by secular media on how to prevent it is worth a hill of beans. We need to strengthen our immune systems from the inside out, not just ‘wash our hands’ as they are advising us.

Trick or Treat? Molly Rauch via Huffington Post

I don’t think I’ve jumped off the deep end yet, I don’t think every little thing is evil. I do believe that we need to accept the world we live in an pick our battles. That being said one battle we have choosen to fight is our kids health and safty, why would I knowingly compromise that when there are easy alternatives. What about her statment “It sometimes feels like Halloween’s function is to desensitize us to the problems of all this overconsumption, just in time for the Christmas season to begin?”


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2014 Monster Dash 5k {1st Run after baby }

I feel like I’ve written this exact title before…oh wait I have,
the Monster Dash was my first run after Apple last year.
Anyway This race completed my first attempt at the Monster Dash Series (The medal in the top left corner) I didn’t complete all 4 races but I still feel like I earned this. I had to skip the Get Lucky 7k this year because of medical concerns. It was my first DNS (did not start) and hopefully there won’t be any more. I also didn’t get to run the Minneapolis 1/2 marathon this year but that was because they canceled it. Plus I did make up for it with the Red, White and Boom 1/2 Marathon relay a few weeks later. So all and all I’m very proud of this running season.

The weather was perfect for a fall run, I hope it stays like this for a while. We took the light rail in to the race venue and had a short walk to the start line, and as always the crowd was awesome. There were 7,000 or so runners for the 5k and so they let us go in waves. Since we were running with Apple again we started in the very back. We crossed the start line about 25 min after the race formally started we saw quite a few finishers back by the time we started. The atmosphere was great though so I didn’t mind the delay a bit.

We were off and as always the beginning was crowded and trying to weave through with a stroller was, ummm, interesting. I COMPLETELY understand that this is advertised as a fun walk/run. However I really wish people would go ALL THE WAY to the sides of the road if they are walking or need to stop. It was really hard to run at any speed when you are constantly running into groups of people spread out all over the road walking.

The run itself was great starting along the Mississippi river then weaving up through down town St Paul for a bit and finally back down to the Mississippi for the finish line. Along the way we saw some really fun costumes but my personal favorite was Indiana Jones running from the boulder, yep there was a guy running in a 6 ft boulder costume. There were also quite a few super heroes including many Ninja Turtles. The thing I kept smiling at were the many cute little girls running as Elsa. I started to wonder what movie character would be big when Apple wanted to dress up, and if she would even want to run with me.

Oh and S set a 5k PR! Even with all the bobbing and weaving through the crowds. 37:29!!

It was a great day all 3 of us had fun. I will continue to run this race, hopefully with Apple and someday Gummy Bear too. I just have to remember its a fun run and not get too frustrated with the walkers. Next year however I will make sure I’m at the front of the stroller group not the back.


Re-doing the kitchen piece by piece

We are thinking a move is in our future…but not for a few years. Until then we want to make sure we are redoing the things we can in our house so that when we do sell it, its more appealing to buyers. As an added bonus it will be more appealing to us in the meantime :)

We were in the process of making a plan when our faucet started leaking…no spraying out water and our cook top cracked :( Mission number one was the faucet, we still have 2 burners that work on the cook top, so it is 2nd on the list.


I’ve been searching sales and craigslist for a while and bam this last Friday I found the perfect faucet at less than 1/2 the price it would be in store. PLUS it came with a stainless steel sink!!

On top of that good luck my parents came in to town and my dad is great at this stuff so he helped us get it all installed. Oh and the garbage disposal connecter on the new/used sink just happened to match our disposal so we didn’t have to mess with removing that from the old sink! That turned out to be a very good thing because after my dad and hubby got everything hooked up the faucet wouldn’t turn off….umm thats not good. It took them another 1/2 hour of fiddling but they found out that at some point the handle had been messed with and put back together wrong. A few changes and we now have a new sink and faucet that would have cost us over $400 new but we only paid $80. Green and Cheap!


Honestly I think E-Bay and Craigslist are two of the best things to be invented for those who want to live more sustainably (ie buying used) and spend less money. You have to be smart in what you buy, make sure to take a good look at the product or buy from a reputable seller but over all I’ve had great experiences with both buying and selling through these avenues.


What was your best score on Craigslist or Ebay?



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Thoughts on Thursday {Life with 2 under 2}

{Written on Monday}

So yes this is my first day back to work after baby, but I know that isn’t the only time people have hormone fluctuations, but its my current situation…being a woman can suck sometimes.

Last night as I was getting ready for work I started crying…I was thinking about Mac’s first day home with 2 girls, wondering if I was letting Apple down with all the time I was pending with Gummy Bear, wondering if I could handle the customers with my current hormone fluctuations and wondering if I would ever have time to exercise again. Oh and did I mention I’m starting an accountability group with my friend/beach body coach? Yeah a lot on my plate all starting today…


I made it!

Not with out a little help from Starbucks, and a little temptation at work, but I got my workout done and even had some cute photo bombers in my after pic for the accountability group.


This was going to be a post about hormones, but it didn’t turn out to be one, really hormones were much less of a factor than I thought they were going to be. Which is a REALLY good thing because I’m a sign language interpreter and the last thing I need to do is project my emotions on the conversations I’m interpreting, that would be bad. Anyway instead of a post about hormones this post is about survival.

The fact is we survived week 1 and that was all we needed to do it had some bumps. 2 nights we didn’t even start making dinner till 6:30…way to late when your oldest goes to bed at 7:30. Tuesday my 25 min workout took at least 40 min after stopping to feed Gummy Bear and pausing multiple times to move Apple or replace a pacifier in the baby. However each night everything that needed to get done, did get done. Mouths were fed, the kitchen was cleaned, bags were packed for work and day care, and exercise was completed.

Best of all I realized that it was going to be possible, life with two children so close in age is possible! Oh course logically I knew this, plenty of people have had children close in age, but emotionally I was struggling. As much as we wanted a 2nd child I’ll admit the thought of them so close together was a struggle for us (more on that in a separate post.)





So today on my Friday I’m encouraged, I’m looking forward to next week not dreading it, but lets be honest I’m looking forward to the weekend more :)


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